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  • FXI foam floor underlayment and foam carpet padding solutions help lighten our step, by cushioning carpets and support flooring for greater comfort and durability.

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        Most residential carpet installations include a separate foam carpet padding layer -- for very good reasons. Carpet cushion keeps carpet looking new longer, and it adds a plush, luxury feel underfoot.

        Reason #1:
        It Keeps Your Carpet Looking New Longer - Extending its Life.

        The principal reason for using carpet cushion is to extend the appearance and life of your carpet. As you walk, your weight transfers to the carpet with each footfall. This energy must be absorbed by what is under your foot. If the carpet and sub-floor are the only things supporting your step, then they must absorb 100% of the energy. Foam carpet padding and cushioning helps absorb this energy like the foam in a bike helmet or the crash-absorbing dashboard in your car. This energy absorption helps your carpet look new longer while minimizing wear patterns.

        Reason #2:
        Carpet Cushion Adds a Feeling of Luxury Under Foot.

        Carpet cushion adds a feeling of luxury and support underfoot, which increases the perceived value of your home. Foam carpet padding can reduce the force on the floor covering caused by walking. This can improve the personal comfort by reducing walking fatigue.

        Reason #3:
        Carpet Cushion Helps Keep Your Room Quieter and Helps Prevent the Transfer of Noise to the Room Below.

        Carpet cushion is a good sound absorber, helping isolate sound made in one room, and keeps the sound from being transmitted to another. Noises from footsteps, loud music or even loud voices will be mitigated by the acoustical properties of foam floor underlayment, helping maintain peace and quiet on the floor below.

        Reason #4:
        Foam Floor Underlayment Helps Keep Your Room Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer.

        Most carpet cushions are natural insulators in that they block the movement of hot or cold air just like insulation in the walls of your house. Foam floor underlayment products generally have a "k" Factor of .25 or an "R Value" of approximately 2 for a 1/2" thickness.

        Reason #5:
        Carpet Cushion Adds to the Ease of Cleaning.

        The stain-resisting carpets are making cleaning and care of carpets easier than ever before. In addition, studies have shown that use of foam carpet padding makes vacuuming easier by increasing air-flow, allowing dirt held deep within the carpet to more freely move to the vacuum head.

        Reason #6:
        Most Foam Carpet Padding is Environmentally Friendly, Because it's Made either from Recycled Materials or Materials That Are Recyclable.

        Bonded carpet cushion is made from the trim generated by polyurethane fabrication facilities serving the furniture, bedding and other industries. Post-consumer scrap from automotive recycling and carpet installations is also recycled to make bonded carpet cushion.

        Prime polyurethane is recyclable. Over 100 million pounds of polyurethane foam carpet padding is recycled every year and made into bonded carpet cushion. Our foam floor underlayment products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute "Green Label Plus" Indoor Air Quality Program.


        Selecting the right carpet cushion and foam floor underlayment is critical to protecting your carpet or hard surface investment. With benefits including sound absorption, insulation, a better feel underfoot, and extending the look and life of your carpet, having an understanding of available foam floor underlayment products is critical to maximizing comfort and the life of your investment.

        Improper carpet cushion can accelerate the loss of carpet’s visual appeal, cause wrinkling or buckling, create separation in the carpet seams and even cause a breakdown of the carpet structure. Improper hard surface underlayment may cause floor irregularities as well as sound transmission issues. And, improper carpet cushion or foam floor underlayment may void carpet and flooring manufacturer's warranties.

        Be sure to ask yourself the following 6 questions when selecting carpet cushion:

        1. Is quality really that important? Won’t low-cost or free with carpet purchase foam floor underlayment be fine?

        There's no such thing as a free lunch – or carpet cushion. You may save on your initial carpet cushion purchase, but you’ll pay for it in the end by shortening the life of your carpet. Plus, you may be giving up some of the benefits that keep your investment looking and feeling good.

        2. Does it matter what the carpet cushion or foam floor underlayment looks like?

        You may be attracted to the look, but remember, once carpet cushion or underlay is installed, you’ll never see it again – how it functions is far more important. Consider:

        • How do I want it to feel?

        • Where will it be used and what is the best weight, density and thickness for this area?

        • Do I need the benefit of spill or pet accident protection that an antimicrobial treatment or spill guard provides?

        3. How heavy is the traffic in the area?

        For heavier traffic, the thinner and more dense the foam carpet padding the better. In areas such as hallways and stairs as well as high walk-through and activity rooms, choose a thinner and heavier or denser carpet cushion to better protect carpet from wear.

        4. Do my family and I spend a lot of quality time in the area?

        Consider a thicker, plusher carpet cushion for a luxurious feel in bedrooms, dens and living rooms, where comfort is a priority. Higher weight or higher density foam floor underlayment products will help your carpet look newer longer. And, many carpet cushions are available that combine the best of both worlds – durability and ultra-plush comfort. The Performance Collection offers several carpet cushions and foam carpet padding that combine the best in quality and luxury feel.

        5. What foam floor underlayment will work best with my radiant panel heating system?

        Get the most from your radiant heating system with the right foam carpet padding or foam floor underlayment. 
Selecting the incorrect carpet cushion or underlayment for application with a radiant heat system can impact more than just your comfort – it can also affect your energy bill. It’s important to choose a carpet cushion or foam floor underlayment that works with radiant heat, not against it.

        6. Is foam carpet padding environmentally safe for my family and pets?

        Most carpet cushion and foam floor underlayment is made either from recycled materials or materials that are recyclable. And, many cushions and underlayments meet the Carpet and Rug institutes Green Label for Indoor Air Quality, as they don’t emit hazardous levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

        Not only that, some carpet cushion and foam floor underlayment, such as FXI’s Performance Collection, contain antimicrobial treatments to fight against environmental elements such as odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria. Antimicrobial is tough on mold, bacteria and mildew, but safe for humans and pets.

        Remember! Better grades of carpet cushion than the minimum are always recommended.

      • Performance Collection

        Our acclaimed Performance Collection has received a standing ovation from consumers, retailers and distributors for its support, comfort and luxury feel. Available in both rebond and chamber controlled prime polyurethane products, The Performance Collection offers the most in luxury, benefit and value.

        Featuring Antimicrobial Treatment, The Performance Collection products eliminate odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria – protecting your family and your carpet!

        Performance Collection Chamber Controlled Prime Polyurethane

        Exclusively from FXI, our chamber controlled prime polyurethane Performance Collection is the ultimate in carpet cushion. Utilizing an exclusive VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology and manufacturing process, our products are environmentally friendlier (no blowing agents) and incredibly durable – containing more cells per square inch than traditional urethane products, to provide the ultimate in luxury and performance. All feature the exclusive Antimicrobial Treatment.

        Pet Plush

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        Comfort and support. Duet offers the most luxurious walk underfoot. Suitable for all areas, including heavy traffic, Duet carries the exclusive Performance Collection Warranty and features antimicrobial treatment.


        Features our exclusive Spilltrap technology, protecting your carpet investment by preventing spills and pet accidents from penetrating to the sub floor. Suitable for heavy traffic areas, Showtime carries the exclusive Performance Collection Warranty and features antimicrobial treatment.

        Performance Collection Bonded Urethane (Rebond)

        The Performance Collection bonded polyurethane, or rebond, products are engineered from a combination of top quality prime foam and binding agents. Designed for a broad range of residential applications, The Performance Collection rebond products offer many benefits including firmness and a luxury feel, resistance to vermin, moths and other insects, and ultra-resiliency for a long life– all at affordable prices. All feature antimicrobial treatment.

        The Sunburst Family - Sunburst™, and Sunberber

        The Sunburst™ Family is the ultimate in comfort, support and durability. A unique family of bonded urethane cushion, Sunburst™ is a blend of ultra-plush memory foam and first quality prime foam. Found in the most luxurious mattress pads, pillows and furniture, memory foam is in high demand for its plush feel and resilient support.

        Sunburst™ is recommended for all areas, including heavy traffic. SunBerber™ is specifically designed for Berber carpets. All have a supple feel, durable structure and feature antimicrobial treatment and the Performance Collection Warranty as well as the exclusive Sunburst™ Family of Products Carpet Warranty Extension.

        Pet Bloc

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        Support Guard

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      • Rebond Polyurethane Carpet Cushion

        Rebond polyurethane products are available in a broad range of weights and thickness.  Engineered from a variety of trim foam and binding agents, rebond products are designed for a broad range of residential applications.

        Rebond Polyurethane offers many benefits:

        • Firm and luxurious.

        • Resilient for long life.

        • FHA/HUD approved.

        • Sound absorbent for a quieter home.

        • Excellent thermal insulator.

        • 100% recycleable.

        • Made from recycled materials.

        • CRI Green Label Plus.

      • Prime Polyurethane Carpet Cushion

        Designed for a luxury feel, Prime Polyurethane Carpet Cushion offers support and comfort with every feel good step. With features that not only add to your comfort but also keep your carpet looking newer longer, Prime Polyurethane Carpet Cushion is the ultimate in luxury, quality and benefit.

        • Offers a luxurious feel underfoot

        • Protects your new carpet investment

        • Absorbs shock for a comfortable walking surface

        • Acoustical properties help keep your home quiet

        • Moisture resistant

        • CRI Green Label Plus certified

        • Provides insulation to reduce energy costs

        • Recyclable

        Our key brands offer versatility and convenience to meet every customer requirement:

        Our Performance Collection Prime carpet features antimicrobial treatment, preventing mold, mildew and bacterial growth and our exclusive Performance Collection Warranty.


      We are a leading provider of quality carpet and foam floor underlayment. We offer consumers a wide-variety of quality foam carpet padding, cushioning and foam flooring underlayment through our nationwide network of distributors, independent flooring retailers and home centers. We are a primary carpet padding and cushioning supplier to Carpet One, Flooring America, Prosource, and many other fine retailers.

      We manufacture foam floor underlayment and cushion products, which include Rebond and Prime carpet padding. Prime foam carpet padding is made from virgin polyurethane foam buns. Rebond foam carpet padding is primarily made from recycled foam, which is shredded into small pieces, processed and then bonded using a polyurethane chemical adhesive. Rebond manufacturing requires the management of a comprehensive recycling business that includes an extensive internal and external collection network from the automotive and home furnishings industries. Floor covering specialists across the United States rely on our experience and capability to manufacture top-quality carpet underlayment. More than just foam carpet padding and cushioning, we offer a wide range of flooring accompaniments for applications from residential and commercial installations. Our dynamic product line ranges from fundamental carpet padding to various innovative and value-added products that offer the most in comfort and appeal.


      We are a proud member of the CRI, Indoor Air Quality Carpet Cushion Testing Program and currently meets the current low VOC emissions criteria for qualification.

      For more information on Carpet Quality Standards, please visit the Carpet Cushion Council at www.carpetcushion.org or call the Carpet and Rug Institute or Council directly.

      Carpet and Rug Institute

      Carpet Cushion Council