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  • FXI natural memory foam solutions and foam bedding accessories make the world a little cozier, by bringing bedding innovations to pillows, toppers and other accessories.

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        We offer a wide-range of industry-leading products in the following categories: Memory Foam Pillows, Memory Foam Mattress Toppers, and Mattresses – all of which are made using our best thinking about foam product technology today.

      • Technologies

        We have been practicing environmentally-responsible foam-making technology for over a decade.

        We have made significant investments to develop our exclusive VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) manufacturing process. This is a virtually-zero emissions process which ensures that our foam-making process causes no stress to the environment. We are the only flexible polyurethane foam manufacturer in North America who employs this unique, highly-beneficial technology.

        We take a leading role in environmentally responsible manufacturing, and our industry position is a result of view about our long term responsibility and stewardship over the environment, not today's market hype.

        The other significant benefit which VPF provides is a higher consistency and quality of foam. This ensures that from the first delivery to the last, our customers are receiving the highest-quality, most-consistent products made in the foam industry today.

        Our industry-recognized Aerus Natural™ line is the industry's broadest line of Open-Cell, highly-breathable Memory Foam. Aerus Natural provides up to 8x's faster heat dissipation and enhanced airflow when compared to our competitors. When our customers expect a great night's sleep, they turn to us to engineer solutions that keep them cool, comfortable and sleeping soundly.

        Our award winning R&D capability allows us to explore technologies others can't. When it comes to introducing "Green" ingredients into our foams, we are on the leading edge.

        In most of our foam portfolio, natural ingredients replace portions of the petroleum-based ingredients normally used in these products. FXI's leading R&D technology allows us to explore many solutions using natural-based ingredients to ensure that we are bringing our customers the most environmentally friendly products that today's technology will allow.

        We believe that environmental-sustainability is a journey, and not a quick fix to capitalize on the current trend. As such, our goal is to ensure that our products are engineered to be the most environmentally friendly possible….today and tomorrow!


      Introducing FXI’s foam Bedding Accessories, from the industry's most innovative manufacturer! We are using our unique combination of industry-leading innovation, and our history of expertise in bringing sleep and foam bedding accessories to national retailers, to launch our latest line of natural memory foam sleep accessories.

      We are combining our exclusive VPF manufacturing process, our unique open-cell, highly-breathable technology, and the widest range of naturally-renewable ingredients to take the sleep accessory category to new levels for our customers with natural memory foam products for our Aerus memory foam line.