Cosmetic Foam and Foam Pads

  • FXI polyurethane foam products and cosmetic foam solutions help people look their best, by improving the performance of make-up, cleaning and exfoliation products.

    FXI Foam Cosmetic Pads

      As one of the leading suppliers of polyurethane foam products and laminates to the personal hygiene industry, our team of experts has helped millions of women in their daily routine…without even having to set a foot into our homes. Cosmetic foam products such as make-up applicators, foam pads and so much more are a part of our everyday activity and we help to make those daily takes a little simpler with our premium polyurethane foam products!

      • Applications and Functions

        Cosmetic foam applicators for powder eye shadows, lip glosses and makeup components where the polyurethane foam products provide a media for absorbing, reservoiring and delivering the correct amount of the material to be applied.

        Cosmetic foam cleansing elements also used for exfoliating skin while removing makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and oil by providing the cellular surface texture to gently massage and pickup unwanted residues.

        Value-added technical foams and polyurethane foam products used in disposable diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products as the elastic and cushioning element in the waistband and side panels.

        Dental polishing and whitening aids where the specialty cosmetic foam is used as the cellular media to reservoir and deliver the cleaning chemicals to teeth or as a gentle scrubbing swab to absorb and collect debris and oral secretions.

      • Products

        Polyether polyurethane slabstock foams
        Polyester polyurethane slabstock foams
        Polyether polyurethane slabstock foam laminates with fabric, foam, film and adhesive substrates
        Polyester polyurethane slabstock foam laminates with fabric, foam, film and adhesive substrates
        SIF® reticulated foams
        SIF® reticulated and coated foams
        SIF Felt® reticulated and permanently compressed foams

      • Technologies

        Flame laminating
        Adhesive laminating
        Thermally reticulating
        Chemically reticulating
        Finished part fabricating
        Surface Modification Technology (SMTSM) process