Cleaning Foam

  • FXI solutions and polyurethane foam sponge products like Aquazone WD help the world breathe a little easier, by keeping surfaces and air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

    FXI Foam Polyurethane Sponge

      There is more to keeping your home clean than simply cleaning surfaces like vacuuming your carpets and wiping your counters.

      We have a team of experts that are continuously developing new foam technologies to improve surface cleaning around the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and kid's playroom…really EVERY room in your house.

      Whether you are doing your spring cleaning and replacing all of your air filters with some of our products or painting your home a new coat of paint, our products help make your life a whole lot easier. Our polyurethane foam sponges, filters, paint brushes, mop heads and so much more are a part of your everyday lives.

      One of our latest advances in surface cleaning technology is Aquazone WD™


      AquaZone® WD is a revolutionary polyurethane foam sponge and mop product destined to transform the way companies and consumers buy and use foam.

      Inspired by the latest technological advances in foam engineering and performance, Aquazone® WD offers pioneering features and overall wipe dry product superiority when compared to cellulose sponges and mops. Unlike ordinary products made with cellulose, which harden and distort shape when dried after use, Aquazone® WD maintains its softness and flexibility in both wet and dry conditions. Additionally, this polyurethane foam sponge maintains its bright colors for longer periods of time, as the makeup provides color stability even after repeated use.

      Beyond visual and sensory appeal, performance is where Aquazone® WD also shines. The product's superior features include: exceptional wipe-dry capability, outstanding rinse-clean behavior, outstanding durability and optional antimicrobial activity. As a result of FXI's groundbreaking technology, Aquazone® WD polyurethane foam sponge also offers water holding capacity nearly 50 percent greater than average sponges made with cellulose.

      While cellulose sponges are packaged "wet", resulting in higher shipping weight and, consequently, higher shipping costs, Aquazone® WD is packaged as it is produced - in its original, dry condition – so wholesalers and retailers pay only for the product and not for unwanted and costly additives.

      Aquazone® WD's versatility makes it ideal for a wide variety of usages, including household consumer use, hand scouring, kitchen wipes, hydrophilic foam applications, medical use, wipe dry applications, and industrial grouting applications.

      Cellulose mops and sponges may have been the best in their time. But representing the cutting edge of innovation, Aquazone® WD polyurethane foam sponge has taken sponge and mop technology into the future – and then made that future available today.