FXI launches a new portfolio of spacer materials and Low VOC Foam for improving the Automotive Interior Cabin Space

    • October 3, 2017

      MEDIA, PA –Automotive OEMs are always working to provide a unique consumer experience through improved seating systems, increased comfort, higher quality trim materials, and clean cabin environments. To assist engineers in achieving premium interiors, FXI, a leader in polyurethane manufacturing in North America is introducing a new portfolio of seating solutions— Climate Flow™, TrimCraft™, and PureLine ™.

      Climate Flow™ is a spacer material for use in seating applications. It includes extreme, open-cell reticulated polyurethane foam in a composite that provides structural stability with excellent compression sets. It offers high airflow while maintaining its structure and durability in seating applications. Climate Flow™ is finding quick adoption as an enhanced, foam-based alternative to typical materials in automotive heated, cooled and ventilated seats.

      Trim Craft™ is a spacer material that is used for a variety of interior trim applications such as instrument panels, doors, and consoles. Trim Craft’s™ stable foam structure mitigates the issue of edge-fraying during processing or repositioning. When craftsmanship in the interior is critical, Trim Craft™ provides top of the line quality.

      FXI’s new, low-VOC automotive foam, Pureline™, has already passed some strict European VOC specifications for use in the interior cabin space. Pureline™ significantly reduces total VOC compounds and lowers the amount of formaldehyde, benzene, ethyl-benzene, styrene, toluene, and xylene found in traditional foam materials. Pureline™ has passed VOC testing while meeting other demanding OEM performance requirements such as the FMVSS-302 flammability rating.

      "FXI has run several trials of our new automotive products with key OEMs and have been approved for use in 2018 and 2019 model year builds for a variety of applications. We have had the opportunity to assist engineering teams in improving the overall quality of the automotive interior experience," said Michael Bednar, Vice President of New Business Development for FXI’s Automotive Products Group. Reach out to FXI at automotive@fxi.com to learn more about what we are already achieving with other automotive and transportation OEMs, or visit us at www.FXI.com to learn more.

      FXI is a leading producer of foam innovation in the Bedding, Furniture, Industrial, Home and Office, Healthcare, and Transportation markets. Our focus is on finding tailored solutions for our customers that are driven by consumer insights and industry trends. Our products include finished goods, sub-assemblies, services, and raw materials for OEMs, fabricators, and retailers.