TRF – Temperature & Airflow Regulation Factor

  • With the development of our TRF™ system, we have created a tool that communicates the combined benefits of airflow, heat and moisture dissipation in our foam products

    TRF Temperature Regulation Factor
    • Overview

      The Temperature Regulation Factor (TRF™) system is the latest innovative product solution FXI uses to communicate the performance level of each of the company’s foam offerings in its new TRF™ product lineup.


      The TRF™ system consists of three ranking levels for foam products: TRF™ 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. Products that fall in the TRF™ 2.0 range have open cell foam with high levels of airflow for good temperature management, such as FXI’s Aerus and MemGel Swirl products. At the TRF™ 3.0 level, foam offerings are open cell, have high airflow and include added heat dissipation properties, like FXI’s Gel-Trix. Products at the top-level TRF™ 4.0 category have extreme open cell foam, providing the highest level of airflow of any foam product available on the market, as well as the added benefits of heat and moisture dissipation.