Microclimate Management

  • Our microclimate management systems use integrated systems comprised of specially engineered foam, textiles, protective laminates, and powered systems.

    • Overview

      Microclimate management solutions are comprised of moisture vapor transfer solutions that provide greater comfort via increased breathability of highly engineered foams and materials. These solutions allow the human body to thermo-regulate in a wide array of environments.

      Microclimate Management Applications

      Used to enhance airflow and breathability in healthcare support surfaces and bedding, microclimate management solutions provide greater comfort through heat dissipation and thermoregulation. Specific applications are found in healthcare through our low air loss support surfaces and high moisture vapor covers as well as in bedding through our TRF foams.

      Low Air Loss Healthcare Support Surface: Low air loss power systems provide alternating low pressure and air loss to optimize pressure redistribution and prevent the development of ulcers through skin moisture management. Portable and lightweight, these systems are available in standard, narrow, and bariatric sizes.

      High MVT (Moisture Vapor Transfer) covers: These high performance protective covers offer excellent durability and function. The covers utilize functional textiles and laminate constructions to offer extremely high vapor transmission for reduced skin temperature and humidity while also providing protection from the penetration of bodily fluids and other contaminate. The combination of vapor-permeable and liquid-impermeable covers provides an ideal microclimate for the patient.

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      Aerus ®

      MemGel Swirl ®

      Maxperm ™

      Aerus ® MAX ™

      MemGel MAX ™

      Gel-Trix ™

      Silklux ™

      Functions of Microclimate Management

      • Protective materials offer moisture wicking capabilities

      • Provides increased breathability and enhances heat dissipation
      • Enhances comfort of the user through increased airflow and highly conductive materials