• Positioners are ideally used for pressure redistribution of bony prominences in lateral, supine, or prone positions amongst pediatric and geriatric populations. Used to add additional comfort and support for the patient, positioners provide appropriate positioning and protection. Positioners can be used in a variety of applications which can include trauma prevention and cast support. Optional compressed packaging allows for cost-effective shipment with full recovery of the foam upon arrival.

      Six most widely used positioners are as follows:

      Operating Room (O.R.) cushions are ideal positioners for pressure redistribution and providing additional comfort while the patient is the hospital. Customizable in SMT™ (surface mount technology) patterns, dimensions, thickness, and foam types, these cushions offer a variety of uses, some of which include table, sacral and arm board pads.

      Elbow Pad cushions provide support and comfort by relieving pressure of the ulnar nerve while simultaneously protecting the skin from developing ulcers and pressure ulcers. By providing additional cushioning around the elbow to minimize the amount of shearing and friction, these convoluted pads have a hook and loop strap to firmly secure the pad against the elbow.

      Donut Pad cushions are comprehensive cushion pads that provide additional comfort and pressure relief for bony prominences as the caregiver repositions the patient. Available in various sizes, these traditional extremity cushions accommodate all patients and are primarily used in pillowing, heel positioning, and between the knees.

      Head Cradle cushions provide a safe, secure, and reliable measure to stabilize the head and neck from lack of movement. Used for lateral, supine, or prone positioning, these cushions are available in various sizes for adults and children. Additionally, head cradle cushions can be customized to provide more comfort and support through the use of high density foams as well as through design to allow equipment to pass easily to the patient when the head is immobilized.

      Body Aligners are used to stabilize and secure patients in a desired position. As a type of body positioner, these wedges provide stability while promoting proper spine and hip alignment. Through appropriate alignment, these positioners impede the development of sacral pressure ulcers as well as provide relief for existent ulcers.

      Abduction Pillows are primarily used to stabilize a patient's legs after post-surgical hip procedures to minimize trauma by redistributing pressure throughout the thighs.

      Customizable design styles offer optional comfort bands and wheelchair selections as well as flat or concave surfaces. Positioners are able to be customized for use across a breadth of medical markets including Acute Care, Long Term Care, Homecare, and Institutional Bedding environments.

      These positioners are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility.