Foam Surfaces

  • Product: Bodyzone™100, 300, 500, 700
    • Foam Surfaces provide additional comfort and support by molding to the body shape through the redistribution of weight and pressure. These foam surfaces reduce the risk of pressure ulcer formation when the patient is immobile for a period of time.

      Available in regular visco and open cell visco, these body-conforming foams mold and contour to the patient's shape, supporting key pressure points and redistributing weight across the entire surface.

      Open cell visco foam surfaces provide value-added breathability and air flow. Through customized articulation cuts and use of FXI’s patented SMT™ (Surface Modification Technology) process, the foam surface and internal components are modified to accept myriad zones of the body. This SMT™ process allows for custom sculpting in a single foam component to create varying support characteristics. Both SMT™ and articulation cut processes eliminate the need for multiple foam compounds and glue seams. These post-processing technologies also allow for increased air circulation and custom product design to support unlimited patient needs.

      Customizable in design, FXI's foam surfaces can include raised rails and heel slopes. Raised rails provide additional security and safety for the patient where a higher risk of bed falls is present. Providing further comfort to the patient, heel slopes lower the pressure points on the bony prominences of the heels by redistributing load to the calves. The redistribution of heel pressure minimizes the development of pressure ulcers and tissue damage. Customized Foam Surfaces are available for use across a breadth of medical markets including Acute Care, Long Term Care, Homecare, Institutional Bedding, Assisted Living, and Independent Living environments.

      These premium foam surfaces are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility.