Foam / Gel Surfaces

    • Foam/Gel Surfaces utilize the features of foam and gel to provide exceptional comfort in a supportive, temperature regulated surface. This high-density, temperature-responsive surface facilitates enveloping comfort and support through pressure redistribution via proper body support and alignment.

      Additionally, these surfaces dissipate heat away from the body through open cell technology and use of gel, allowing for a cooler feel. With FXI's patented SMT™ (Surface Modification Technology) process, these foam/gel surfaces are customizable by design and by functional gel layers. The SMT™ process allows the support characteristics within one piece of foam to vary as well as the surface of the foam to be altered up to five different ways, including the pattern type, size, depth, spacing, and location. The varying support and surface alterations provide enhanced benefits such as pressure redistribution, reduction of friction and shear, zoned cushioning layers, and enhanced air circulation. Modifying the foam/gel surface and internal components allows for the supportive envelopment of myriad zones of the body. These zoned cushioning layers alternate between firm and enveloping support which enhances pressure redistribution of high risk areas.

      Clinically, this means protection of the most vulnerable areas, including the head, shoulders, elbows, sacrum, hips, and heels in addition to better spinal alignment for patients. This post-processing SMT™ technique eliminates the need for multiple foam compounds and glue seams as well as allows for increased air flow and custom product design. One way to customize foam/gel surfaces is through functional gel layers. Specific surface locations within the SMT™ pattern can be filled with gel to provide additional support to key pressure points, enhance body cooling through heat dissipation, and provide proper alignment of the body. The specially designed waterproof, anti-microbial stretch cover moves in every direction to minimize the forces of shear and friction when patients are moved, lifted, or turned. With Foam/Gel surfaces, there are unlimited surface designs and functional gel layers to service any patient needs. Foam/Gel Surfaces are able to be customized for use across a breadth of medical markets including Acute Care, Long Term Care, Homecare, Institutional Bedding, Assisted Living, and Independent Living environments.

      These premium Foam/Gel surfaces are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility.