Disposable Medical Devices

    • Over the years, FXI has developed an excellent track record of developing new products for specific disposable medical device applications.

      The function of technical foams within these medical devices is extremely varied. FXI works with OEM's to develop customized solutions for current problems. Currently, FXI provides foam solutions in the following medical areas: Antiseptic Applicators, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), Mammography Padding, Blood Filtration, IV Port Cleaners, Tooth Swabs, and other applications.

      Antiseptic Applicators are used for preoperative skin preparation where the medical foams and laminates absorb the released anti-microbial agent and then reservoir and deliver a smooth flow of this fluid to the skin. The gentle-friction of the cellular scrub surface on the disposable medical devices, based on the physical characteristics of the foam, helps the solution penetrate the skin.

      Specifically in NPWT, foam provides a media for absorbing and draining the wound exudates while simultaneously assisting with maintaining the negative pressure of the treatment through a vacuum assisted wound dressing.

      Mammography Padding provides the breast a cushioning pad during a mammogram that helps with the discomfort many women feel during the procedure. The specially designed and formulated radiolucent medical foam cushion does not interfere with image quality.

      Disposable medical devices for instrument protection products such as Blood Filtration, IV Port Cleaners, and Tooth Swabs, reduce the cost of replacing delicate and expensive surgical instruments during the cleaning, handling and sterilization processes. The specialty medical foam allows for efficient sterilization and also provides the necessary vibration and shock protection for the instruments.

      Depending of the need of the OEM, FXI uses it's cross functionality of business units to leverage customized foams across technical and medical spaces, specifically within the medical wound care environment.