Bariatric Surfaces

    • Bariatric surfaces are specifically engineered for added support and comfort for the user. Functional support layers create durable surfaces to prevent bottoming out and increase patient safety. FXI has Bariatric models in our Foam, Foam/Gel, Foam/Air, and LAL Support Surfaces as well as our Stretcher Pads, Overlays, and Wheelchair Cushions. Available in regular visco and open cell visco, these enveloping foams mold and contour to the patient's shape, supporting key pressure points and redistributing weight across the entire surface.

      Open cell visco foam surfaces provide value-added breathability and air flow by offering superior heat dissipation. The proprietary VPF process used to make the viscoelastic foam is environmentally friendly and has virtually zero emissions.

      The SMT™ (Surface Modification Technology) process provides enhanced pressure redistribution and air circulation as well as reduction of friction and shear. This patented SMT™ process creates surface alterations in pattern, size of pattern, spacing between patterns, and depth of cut. The resulting surface design creates zoned cushioning layers that alternate between firm and enveloping support.

      Clinically, these zoned cushioning layers enhance pressure redistribution to key high risk areas including the head, shoulders, elbows, sacrum, hips, and heels in addition to better spinal alignment for patients. FXI's Bariatric Models provide support for the supine patient by providing stability for the skeleton, distribution of body weight over the maximum area to reduce tissue pressure, and control shear forces that are generated on the skin surface. Topped with a specially designed waterproof, anti-microbial stretch cover, this cover moves in every direction to minimize the forces of shear and friction when patients are moved, lifted, or turned.

      Bariatric Models are able to be customized for use across a breadth of medical markets including Acute Care, Long Term Care, Homecare, Institutional Bedding, Assisted Living, and Independent Living environments.

      All Bariatric Models meet the ISO 13485 standard.

      Bodyzone Matrix