Specialty Bedding Foams

  • Tailored Solutions for Every Need

    • Consumers have different needs in bedding, ranging from cooler sleep surfaces to targeted support and from ache & pain relief to environmental friendliness. Sometimes, it is simply energizing rest. With the broadest line of specialty foams in the industry, ranging from memory foams to high-resilient foams, to foams infused with gel or copper to innovative gel infused waves and from foams offering zoned support to those with enhanced temperature management, FXI offers a solution for every need.

      Regenerist™ with Biocrystal®
      A natural and active crystal composite that is unique, powerful and scientifically proven

      Biocrystal® is a powerful crystal combination scientifically proven to impact the user's well-being and energy level. The influence of the crystals is enhanced with the addition of gold (known to be an energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect).

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      The best balance of comfort, durability and temperature management

      AmbiAire™ has a unique, completely open cell structure, similar to reticulation, achieved through proprietary, brand new technology, dissipating heat and moisture quickly and consistently for maximum temperature regulation.

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      Cyprium® Copper-Gel Foam
      Zoned comfort for a healthy night’s sleep

      The fusion of enveloping Cyprium® memory foam and innovative copper-gel creates a Zoned Comfort System that provides the perfect blend of pressure relief and support. In addition, Cyprium memory foam has an open cell structure for improved breathability and greater heat dissipation.

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      VeroComfort™ Memory Foams
      Optimal comfort over a broad range of temperatures

      VeroComfort™ foams provide high pressure-relieving capability across an extended range of temperatures, unlike traditional memory foams. Consumers will experience a luxurious, enveloping feel in a variety of environments. Manufacturers will experience greater ease and consistency in fabrication.

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      Enhanced airflow and breathability with a classic memory foam feel

      FXI Aerus® foams have always delivered exceptional performance. The new and improved Aerus®Plus chemical formulation further enhances the open cell structure to deliver improved breathability plus excellent comfort, pressure relief, and durability.

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      Shape conforming comfort and superior pressure relief

      Sensus®Plus offers a plush, luxurious feel with a slow recovery time for enhanced pressure relief. The unique feel of these higher-density memory foams allows the foam to conform to the body to deliver personalized support and pressure relief to maximize comfort.

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      Optimal comfort plus support

      MemGel® Plus is a viscoelastic foam infused with gel beads for added support. The memory foam provides initial envelopment while the gel beads provide added support and pushback, creating the perfect blend of comfort and support.

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      MemGel® Swirl
      Superior comfort plus support

      MemGel® Swirl provides superior comfort PLUS Support. Our innovative dual-wave gel technology reinforces enveloping open-cell breathable visco foam with gel-infused waves to provide enhanced support along with cradling comfort.

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      MemGel® Lite
      Gel infused, lively support

      MemGel™ Lite is a quiltable, conventional foam infused with gel for a lively supportive feel, perfect for the top of a mattress in the quilted top panel or in the top comfort layers.

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      High resiliency, lively support, active response

      Activus™ offers premium comfort from head to toe. Its innovative feel combines the shape conforming properties of memory foam with the high resilient properties of latex to deliver enhanced pressure relief.

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      Optimal comfort and zoned support with improved temperature management

      An innovative gel formulation is strategically placed in highly concentrated regions throughout the surface of the foam to provide targeted support and rapid heat transfer away from the body. GelTrix™ technology is available in a variety of foams.

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      • The superior properties of FXI specialty bedding foams are largely a result of the VPF™ manufacturing technology, or Variable Pressure Foaming. This proprietary process uses an enclosed chamber to maintain constant atmospheric conditions, delivering a consistently high quality, perfectly formed product with every run. In addition to producing best in class foam, VPF™ protects our environment with virtually zero emissions, completely eliminating CFCs and other blowing agents that can be harmful.