• Zoned Comfort for a Healthy Night’s Sleep

    • The fusion of enveloping Cyprium® memory foam and innovative copper-gel creates a Zoned Comfort System that provides the perfect blend of pressure relief and support. The two materials work in harmony to properly respond to the body based on the pressure applied. The memory foam envelops key pressure point areas and provides relief; the copper gel pushes back where there is less pressure and provides support in key areas that need it most, such as the lumbar region. This creates waved zones of alternating pressure relief and support exactly where the body needs it.

      Cyprium® memory foam has an open cell structure for improved breathability and greater heat dissipation when compared to a traditional visco, moving heat away from the body more quickly and maintaining a more consistent comfortable temperature.

      Features & Benefits

      • Comfort and health
      • Zoned Comfort System
      • Breathable open cell structure
      • Greater heat dissipation to move heat away from the body more quickly and consistently
      • Environmentally friendly VPF™ technology