Regenerist™ with Biocrystal®

  • A natural and active crystal composite that is unique, powerful and scientifically proven

    • Biocrystal® is a powerful crystal combination scientifically proven to impact the user's well-being and energy level. The influence of the crystals is enhanced with the addition of gold (known to be an energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect).

      Sleeping, sitting or resting on foam infused with Biocrystal® revitalizes the body, providing the quality rest needed to perform well all day. The users body is recharged and renewed – better able to keep up with an active lifestyle. In addition, this enveloping memory foam provides the comfort and pressure relief needed to rest well and the open cell structure ensures improved breathability and greater heat dissipation when compared to a traditional visco.

      The superior properties of FXI's Regenerist™ with Biocrystal® foam are largely a result of the VPF™ (Variable Pressure Foaming) manufacturing technology, which ensures consistent high quality and environmentally-friendly foam.

      Promotes proper cell function to:

      • Relieve stress and improve relaxation
      • Increase energy for improved performance
      • Provide quality rest and recuperation

      Provides superior comfort:

      • Pressure relieving memory foam conforms to the body
      • Breathable open cell structure dissipates heat for a more comfortable temperature