• The best balance of comfort, durability, and temperature management

    • AmbiAire™ has a unique, completely open cell structure, achieved through brand new technology. It delivers 100% consistent, maximum airflow plus the exceptional comfort and conformance expected from a premium specialty viscoelastic foam. Drawing both heat and moisture away from the body is critical for effective temperature management. The high level of airflow that AmbiAire’s unique cell structure allows transfers both heat and moisture more quickly and effectively than standard open cell viscos in the marketplace today. Even when compressed, the airflow remains constant. In addition, AmbiAire™ is durable and offers the comfort, pressure relief, and support needed for a good night’s sleep.

      Features & Benefits

      • New technology delivers an extreme open cell structure for maximum temperature regulation
      • Transfers heat away from the body more quickly and consistently than standard open cell visco foams
      • Greater moisture dissipation to ensure maximum temperature regulation
      • Maximum airflow and breathability, even under compression
      • Exceptional comfort and conformance
      • Environmentally friendly VPF™ technology
      • CertiPUR-US® certified