Trim Craft™

  • Trim Craft—A Spacer Material Alternative for Automotive Interior Trim Applications

    • Trim Craft is FXI’s newest line of composite trim material with excellent compression sets and recovery times. Good compression sets and recovery times provide the quality feel demanded by discerning consumers. Trim Craft is a technology which can be utilized for a variety of automotive interior applications such as instrument panels, doors, and consoles as an alternative to traditional spacer fabrics.

      Trim Craft’s stable foam structure mitigates the issue of edge-fraying during processing or repositioning. In production situations, non-foam spacer materials can have issues with fraying and product degradation. The three-dimensional stability provided by Trim Craft’s foam core can allow for cleaner, simpler die-cutting and handling processes, thereby reducing the potential for defective parts. Additionally, the foam core of Trim Craft products eliminates the problem of particles shedding during the manufacturing process which can be both a housekeeping and safety concern in the work place.

      Trim Craft products improve OEM manufacturing capabilities by limiting damage from fraying and tearing during the assembly process. Limiting damage to parts reduces the handling times and processing costs associated with defects which provides increased efficiency to the OEM or part manufacturer. These improvements in manufacturing and handling allow OEMs to provide higher-quality end products at competitive costs using current processes.

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