Climate Flow™

  • Climate Flow—A High-Airflow Foam Spacer Material Alternative for Automotive Seating

    • Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are continuing to improve the driving experience in their automotive offerings. This includes significantly focusing efforts on providing a unique seating system experience for consumers. To assist engineers in these efforts, FXI, a leader in polyurethane manufacturing in North America, is introducing its newest line of ventilated spacer materials—Climate Flow.

      Climate Flowuses extreme, open-cell reticulated polyurethane foam in a composite that provides structural stability with excellent compression sets.

      It offers high airflow, providing superior temperature regulation while maintaining its structure and durability in seating applications. The foam core of Climate Flow helps to eliminate problems like particles shedding and it eliminates B-side fiber degradation and read-through. Climate Flow can also improve OEM manufacturing capabilities by providing better sew lines.

      Climate Flow is finding rapid adoption as an enhanced, foam-based alternative to typical spacer materials in heated, cooled, and ventilated automotive seats. In addition to automotive applications, Climate Flow can be used in applications such as bedding, where temperature management, airflow, and durability characteristics are necessary in meeting consumer demands. Anywhere a spacer material is needed to improve comfort and airflow performance, Climate Flow can be the solution.

      Reach out to FXI at to learn more about what we are already achieving with other automotive and transportation OEMs.