Qylite® 200

  • FXI Announces Qylite® 200—A Lightweight, High-Performance Foam for Sound Absorption Applications

    • Consumers in the automotive industry perceive quiet as a sign of quality and they are demanding a quieter interior in their cars. Additionally, an increased number of electric and hybrid vehicles with less audible engines means other sources of noise pollution are more pronounced. Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are facing the challenge of absorbing the noise in the automotive cabin interior without adding significant weight. To assist OEMs in addressing this challenge, FXI, a leader in polyurethane manufacturing in North America, announces its new Qylite® 200—a low-density, polyester foam for sound-absorbing applications.

      Qylite® 200 features a unique combination of a light-weight material with high sound-absorbing performance. It helps engineers address the consumer demand for a quieter automobile interior without adding considerable weight. Qylite® 200 provides excellent sound absorption across a broad spectrum of frequencies, when measured by the ASTM E-1050 impedance tube test for sound absorption, which allows this foam to be used in multiple applications including hood insulators, engine covers, and panel insulation.

      Whereas other automotive materials may begin to sag or lose form over time, Qylite® 200 can maintain its structure longer and can usually do so with less fastening points. Additionally, Qylite® 200 is versatile and can be thermo-formed, heat-staked, or sonic-welded to allow it to meet the needs of a variety of applications and processes. Its
      most recent success comes from being used as the sound-absorbing component of an engine cover on an automotive platform. Additionally, Qylite® 200 can work well as an absorber for portable power generator units, as cabin insulation on Class 8 heavy trucks, as A&B pillar stuffing for automotive applications, and in the dry-side panel
      of vehicle doors.

      “Feedback from automotive manufactures who have evaluated Qylite® 200 has been positive. Many OEMs note
      the acoustic performance to mass since Qylite® 200 is a light-weight material and, like its moldable and structural abilities to hold form over time, improves handling and reduces the use of fasteners, which helps reduce costs," said Philippe Knaub, Chief Technology Officer for FXI.

      Reach out to FXI at automotive@fxi.com to learn more about what we are already achieving with other automotive and transportation OEMs.