Hyfonic™ Natural

  • Sound Absorbing Foam using a Renewable Profile

    • FXI acoustical solutions are engineered to perform multiple functions including sound absorption and vibration damping. FXI low-density foams are ideal for sound absorption while higher-density or lower permeability foams work well for damping. Complementing their acoustic capabilities, all FXI foams are moldable and meet various fire and performance requirements. Additionally, these acoustic technologies can withstand varying operating temperatures and offer insulation performance for different industry applications. FXI acoustical solutions provide efficiency, reliability, and predictability in high-stress environments and applications over time, while simplifying handling, manufacturing and assembly, to reduce overall costs for sound and vibration reduction solutions.


      The Hyfonic™ Natural is a lower to medium density, combustion-modified, polyether foam developed to resist hydrolytic degradation. Being an excellent sound absorbing foam, Hyfonic™ Natural is produced utilizing natural oil polyol (non-food source). This fire retardant, flexible foam has been designed for applications where flammability must meet standards like the Department of Transportation FMVSS-302 and Underwriters Laboratory UL 94 HF-1. Hyfonic™ Natural resists degradation from hot, humid environments and has excellent stability in high and low temperatures.


      • Resists degradation in hot environments
      • Hydrolytic stability
      • Resists certain chemicals and assailants
      • Vibration reduction
      • Excellent stable sound absorption across audio spectrum


      • Door and trunk panels for vehicles
      • Sound reduction panels for marine, agricultural and industrial equipment