• High Density Acoustic Ethers That Absorb What Matters

    • FXI acoustical solutions are engineered to perform multiple functions including sound absorption and vibration damping. FXI low-density foams are ideal for sound absorption while higher-density or lower permeability foams work well for damping. Complementing their acoustic capabilities, all FXI foams are moldable and meet various fire and performance requirements. Additionally, these acoustic technologies can withstand varying operating temperatures and offer insulation performance for different industry applications. FXI acoustical solutions provide efficiency, reliability, and predictability in high-stress environments and applications over time, while simplifying handling, manufacturing and assembly, to reduce overall costs for sound and vibration reduction solutions.


      Durabsorb™ 100 and Durabsorb™ 200, provide a unique combination of excellent sound absorption characteristics along with vibration damping capabilities through higher density ether formulation. Certified to Department of Transportation FMVSS-302, these foams have superior durability for challenging environments with demanding technical requirements and fit many uses requiring lower frequency absorption. Highly moldable and fabricating ease, Durabsorb™ 100 and Durabsorb™ 200 work well for laminations and multi-size parts due to their structural integrity.


      • High-density leads to durability in use which provides a long service life
      • Manufacturing friendly with the ability to hold loft and form which limits the need to handle materials
      • Increased design flexibility due to the ability to fabricate to achieve form and fit
      • Provides structural integrity by being free-standing and load-bearing
      • Density provides both absorbing and damping capabilities in a single solution

      Noise Absorption Applications

      • Engine cover for automotive and vehicle engines
      • Portable air compressors and power units
      • Interior firewalls and door panels for automobiles
      • Cabin panels for Class 8 trucks
      • Enclosure panels for portable air compressors, power units, appliances, etc
      • Floor and consoles

      Sound Damping Applications

      • Engine compartments
      • Reduce resonance of metal panels & enclosures
      • Trim, seals and gaskets for vehicles and equipment
      • Shock absorbing pads