• Extended Performance Under Environmental Pressures with Open Cell Structure and Felting

    • FXI acoustical solutions are engineered to perform multiple functions including sound absorption and vibration damping. FXI low-density foams are ideal for sound absorption while higher-density or lower permeability foams work well for damping. Complementing their acoustic capabilities, all FXI foams are moldable and meet various fire and performance requirements. Additionally, these acoustic technologies can withstand varying operating temperatures and offer insulation performance for different industry applications. FXI acoustical solutions provide efficiency, reliability, and predictability in high-stress environments and applications over time, while simplifying handling, manufacturing and assembly, to reduce overall costs for sound and vibration reduction solutions.


      AEROFONIC® is a reticulated felted foam. Originally designed for the highly demanding environments found in the aerospace industry. Felting is a process by which heated platens permanently compress the foam to a specified density (firmness) and thickness. By varying machine conditions and the ratio of initial foam thickness to final felt thickness, the specific design properties of the end product are controlled.

      Because it has a completely open-cell structure (reticulation removes all window membranes) and predictable permeabilities, AEROFONIC® is engineered to meet design criteria that other materials can’t meet or won’t meet due to their inconsistency.


      • Exceptional sound attenuation
      • Effective over a wide range of frequencies
      • Extended performance in tough environments
      • High-speed railcars
      • Power units—field hospitals
      • Computers and peripheral equipment
      • Gaskets and seals
      • Pressure sensitive tapes


      • Aircraft air duct liner
      • Aircraft turbine engine
      • Diesel powered on-and off-road equipment
      • Armored vehicles
      • Air-conditioning equipment